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The RuBisCO Enzyme is a key protein in the process of photosynthesis.

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Eukaryotic And Viral Debate

We live in a dinosaur-free world, as they were wiped out in the Cretaceous Mass Extinction. But, would what happen if, there was no asteroid? What our world be like then?

Your Speculative Evolution questions will be matched with answers, in this month’s Eukaryotic And Viral Debate!!

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The Eukaryote and Virus Wiki (EaV Wiki) is a Wiki about Eukaryotes, Viruses, Genetics, Proteins, Stratigraphy, and the Geologic Time Scale. Even though it focuses on many things, it tells the story of our world and how every living thing works no came to be. This teaches people about Eukaryotes and the Earth, for everybody to know.

The Natural Phenomena Wiki (NaP Wiki) is a Wiki about Natural Phenomena (Weather, the Periodic Table, etc.). This Wiki teaches people how things work in nature. This wiki will give you the info you need about anything in nature that seems scary, yet, it’s just science!

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